Tuesday, 22 May 2012

'Yo Bro' Gravity Gear T-shirts!

The 'Yo Bro' Design..... Lives On!!!
The Original 5 colour print on grey/black or white/black baseball 3/4 sleeve.

This is one of those legendary designs that will always live on through Gravity Gear! 

Dave Robinson was the inspiration behind 'Yo Bro' which he gave to Dale in memory of Grant!

Dave's original sketch from 1993 was on a chalk board. As the chalk started to fade graphic designer, Thomas Bolt revamped it onto paper. With the intent to get it on cloth Dali contacted a small independent company called 'Non-Fiction Designs' and was faced with the question "What colour?" So he went out and bought a box of crayons and photocopied the design and started colouring.  It was he who gave the dude purple hair and blood shot sunnies! And to this day we still send our order to Anthony at Non-Fiction, who has kept the design through his entourage of moves, way to cool to toss. And every so often we get some printed up to remember the brotherly love!

A tribute to Brotherhood and a forever gift to Gravity Gear!!! 

Honey, Indigo, Kiwi and Paprika S-XL (there's sport grey too!!)

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