Thursday, 3 May 2012

Climb Jasper: Rock Gardens

"Rock Gardens"

A rock garden of history for locals. Home to some classic mind boggling limestone routes. Close to town with a good variety of grades. Popular early in the season and a nice reprieve from any hot sun that does occasionally get encountered here in Jasper.


  1. Do you know where shredder reef crag is ?

  2. I haven't actually been to Shredder's Reef and I had a look around our files and I have absolutely no info on the crag. I do know you park at the Roche Miette trail head (hwy 16 East from Jasper, 3.5km West of the Miette Hotsprings turn off) then head left along the creek bed. The routes are lower angle and extremely sharp.
    You might want to email Peter Amann under our links, he may have more info.

  3. went in search of this place. Just like mentioned: follow creek bed until it turns into a small canyon, walk through it and continue along the creek bed for 100 meters. the 'reef' is on the left. there were 8 routes 15 - 20 meters high. sharp and low angle