Friday, 4 May 2012

Band-Aid Box......!!!!

Band-Aid Box is just one of those classic routes you just have to climb!!!
This line goes back to 1979, when old schoolers did it on gear, which in my eyes is pretty darn full on. They used to have a tin band-aid box just under the roof containing a log book and pencil and wholla...... that's how it got it's name "Band-Aid Box".
There's no log book up there anymore, and I always think how many entries there would have been since it became a sport route. So,if you've ever climbed this amazing route post your comments and I'll make a little book and put it in the Band-Aid Box that we STILL have at the shop!!!
May 4th 2012 - Guys from Chili enjoying Band-Aid Box!


  1. Band-Aid Box has always been one of my favourite lines to climb everytime I was at the Rock Gardens. I had done it so many times that one night it invaded my dreams and the next day I decided to go solo it. That was back in '92. I also ended up on the cover of the first Jasper Sport Climbing guide book rounding the roof! Can't wait to get back on it with my son, 17 (5.13 climber), daughter, 7 (5.10 climber), and wife. Steph Cameron

  2. Steph, you have just earned yourself a free 'Yo Bro' Gravity Gear shirt, as long as you never solo this again.......or your kids!!!
    Seems like your picture on the guide was the start of your "poster boy" days!!
    Climb on little buddy, come back one day!!!