Monday, 2 May 2016

Why is this spring the best time to invest in a new pair of La Sportiva alpine touring boots?

Today there are a bunch of options for people looking for lighter, better AT gear. La Sportiva is one of those companies offering up lightweight, high performance alpine touring boots.

Those of you who are still cruising around in older alpine touring or telemark gear probably know that there are better goods to be had these days. Over the past decade, advances in technology, coupled with a surge in backcountry interest have fueled the industry.

  • Currently the lightest 4-buckle AT boot on the market, the Spectre (Sparkle) for women) is comfortable while hiking and skinning, but provides power on the descents
  • The Sideral (Starlet for women) is a ski mountaineering boot that translates well to ski touring. Its light weight and large (68 degrees) range of motion, will keep you comfortable on the longest of tours.

So why take the plunge and invest in a new pair of boots at the dawn of summer?

1. Economists are saying buying now is most likely better than buying later

According to the experts, our diving loonie isn’t about to surface anytime soon. In terms of the cost of things, this translates into potentially higher prices next season.

2. Makes for a happy mom or dad!

May and June both have designated days to show your appreciation to the folks who raised you. If your mom or dad (or both!) is into ski touring, think how happy they’ll be with a new set of boots as a mother’s or father’s day gift.

3. Maybe you have a little extra money in the form of a tax return?

Spring is also tax return time. While a refund is, in reality, money that is rightfully yours, it can seem like a freebee. If that’s the feeling you’re getting with your impending tax return, we say go for it. The universe could be trying to tell you something.

4. They’re on sale right now at Gravity Gear

On top of not paying more next year, right now you can save an additional $145. Down from the MSRP of $695, the La Sportiva Spectre, Sparkle, Sideral and Stalet is now only $550. Here at Gravity Gear.

Winter is only 180 days away! What are you waiting for?