Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Mountain Running....The Electron

La Sportiva - Electron 

These "Morphodynamic" mountain runners offer the ultimate cushioning on all types of terrain. The soft polyurethane sole absorbs the impact and conforms to any feature the trail throws at you, making running seem effortless. 
FYI-You might want to go up a size for a more relaxed fit.

This is what Shawn Handerek (local moutain enthusiast), had to say about his new Electrons:

"Took the new shoes for a 40k today, not skeptical about the soles anymore...they are great on rock (quite sticky), tree roots, hard / soft trails both up hill and down, overall great traction that gives confidence going downhill fast! They were ok in the mud but i don't think they would be great on a really muddy trail. I do bet they would be great on alpine runs tho...hard packed scree and such! No blisters out of the box! Great addition to the store!"

Buy Now for $124

Available in Mens and Womens Euro Sizing 37 - 45.5